The ultimate luxury car storage solution.
A new benchmark in security, fire protection and privacy for the storage of valuable automotive assets.

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Brand new building

purpose built vehicle vault

Our newly constructed, cutting-edge luxury car storage facility is strategically positioned in the heart of West Sussex. We are located just 15 minutes south of Gatwick Airport and 20 minutes south of the M25.

Our bespoke 50,000 sq ft building is home to a state-of-the-art vehicle vault, which will provide meticulous care for your car. We have set a new benchmark for secure car storage and our home is purpose-built to meet the requirements for long term storage, short term storage, luxury car storage and classic car storage.

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Secure Car Storage

Security, Privacy,
Peace of Mind

Offering class-leading care, security and discretion, our services mirror the fastidious attention to detail bestowed upon the world's most valuable works of art.

This is now extended to elevate the safeguarding and maintenance of your most prized vehicles, motorcycles and associated accessories. We strongly believe in secure car storage being more than just something you say - to us, it's everything.

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Each car protected

Advanced fire protection

Our industry-leading fire protection system boasts automatic dual sprinklers per car with the ability to localise any threat of a fire.

We prioritise cutting-edge measures to safeguard your assets against all risks of fire, supplied by a 90,000L reserve water tank for enhanced protection. No other car storage unit in the UK offers this level of protection. 

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Cutting-edge security

A watchful eye

Our tailored security system employs a multi-layered approach, beginning with a resilient perimeter. Complimented by movement activated lighting, voice deterrent, finger print recognition and an extensive network of more than 40 CCTV cameras.

We ensure the utmost safety and security for your car. All of this is further enhanced by on site security officers 24 hours a day.

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Restricted Access

Secure staff with restricted access

Our workforce undergoes rigorous vetting and adheres to confidentiality agreements.

To uphold complete privacy, visitors are restricted from entering the main vehicle vault. This is secure car storage at its best.

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A welcoming space

Client lounge

As a car storage client of ours the lounge is exclusively available to you, whenever you may need it.

With complimentary drinks, fast WiFi and comfortable sofas, the space is yours to use as you wish. We also have a large viewing screen, professional sound system, fully fitted kitchen and a boardroom too.

You can use this space for events or meetings, and should you wish, we can place your car in the lounge during your event to really make an impact.

A Deeper Insight

A video overview

Watch this video as Zaak takes you through our storage facility and how we provide the most unique, but most important care for your car.

Unique car storage developed from the ground up

A completely new, extensively developed car storage system that ensures undisturbed care of your most valuable assets.

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Vehicle Arrives

Upon arrival a comprehensive record of the car's condition is meticulously captured through our custom camera array and digitised for ease of reference.

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Check-In Zone

Your car undergoes thorough preparation before it is secured on its own dedicated bed. It will remain untouched throughout the storage duration unless otherwise requested.

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Secure Storage

Each bed has it's own drip trays, anchor point and dedicated power supply for the required battery conditioning of your car.

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Asset Management

We can also look after routine servicing, MOTs and any other administrative requirements associated with your vehicles.

Shy Automotive Storage Features.
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We pride ourselves on ensuring a bespoke experience by tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of each valued customer. If you seek the ultimate indoor car storage solution for your collection, contact Lee or Zaak now.

+44 (0) 1293 691 888


Busy Client Lounge

Why did SHY Automotive decide to create the best car storage facility in England?

Our venture was carefully honed over a five year period and culminates some of the most important elements to ensure the best care for your car. Read our story and more by clicking the link below.

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The Team

Daniel has been a Lloyd’s Underwriter since 1997, working for various Lloyd’s Syndicates and establishing himself as a leader in the insurance of fine art, jewellery and classic cars.
A passionate car enthusiast, collector and amateur racer, Daniel co-founded a leading London Ultra High Net Worth insurance brokerage in 2011 which he remains the Managing Director of. Daniel is one of the original Founders of SHY Automotive.
Daniel Wood
Image of Director 1
Desmond has worked as a leading Lloyd’s Broker for Ultra High Net Worth clients for many years, specialising in fine art, jewellery, classic cars, super yachts and kidnap and ransom insurance. With his own collection of cars, Desmond has restored a number of vehicles and continues to collect. Desmond co- founded the insurance brokerage business with Daniel in 2011 and SHY Automotive.
Desmond Boughton
Image of director 2
Lee brings an impressive two-decade tenure in the automotive industry to his role at SHY Automotive. With a diverse background that spans from facilitating the sales of top-tier supercars to sourcing rare and exotic classic automobiles, Lee has honed his expertise across various sectors of the automotive market. Lee also has extensive experience in the private aviation sector having looked after a portfolio of private clients. You can trust in Lee's expertise to ensure your automotive needs are met with precision and professionalism at SHY Automotive.
Lee Sullivan
+ 44 (0) 7780 497 168
Image of Management Staff
Zaak is a seasoned professional with an assorted background in the automotive industry, boasting ten years of experience across client facing roles. His career encompasses everything from producing award-winning marketing campaigns, to the sale of supercars.
His experience and dedication to cars has provided him with invaluable insights into the intricate relationships between cars and their owners. Zaak’s core filmmaking skills have also provided him with a discerning eye for preserving and showcasing invaluable assets.
Zaak Andrews
+44 (0) 7852 998 566
Image of Management Staff
Paul studied as an engineer before eventually going on to become Pirelli’s motorsport director for nearly two decades, orchestrating the company’s Formula 1 campaign. He was subsequently appointed executive president of the Latin American region, in charge of one of the largest global markets. A passionate sports enthusiast and car collector, Paul brings his far-reaching international outlook coupled with a meticulous eye for detail to SHY Automotive, where he oversees business development and consolidates relationships.
Paul Hembery
Image of Management
Anthony looks after communications and external relations, using his extensive media network to shape public relations strategy and content. He trained as a journalist and still writes for a number of prestigious publications, alongside his role at the head of two international PR agencies, retained by some of the world’s best-known brands such as Pirelli, JLR, and Lamborghini.Passionate about all things automotive, Anthony helps to build creative partnerships that make a difference.
Anthony Peacock
Photo of management

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Do you need more information about our car storage facilty? Send us a message now and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 1293 691 888.

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Where are we located?

We are conveniently located right next to where the A23 meets the A272. We are 15 minutes from Gatwick Airport and only 20 minutes from the M25.

How often can I access my car?

During our opening hours of Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, you are welcome to have access to your car whenever suits you. Any out of hours or weekend access is available upon request.

Who has access to the vehicle vault?

Only our internal team will ever be granted access to the vehicle vault. Fingerprint recognition enables us to uphold minimal access to where your car will be stored.

Can you deliver my car to me?

Sure! We have the facility to be able to deliver your car to you whenever you want it, wherever you want it. The cost for this will depend on the delivery location.

Can you collect me from the airport or train station?

Absolutely. Any of the team would be more than happy to collect you from Gatwick Airport or any of the nearby train stations.

Do you have a minimum storage term?

Yes. We prefer to work on a 12 month commitment for all our storage agreements, but we can accommodate whatever you may require.

Do you offer a multiple vehicle discount?

Sure! The more cars you have in store with us, the better your agreement will look. Contact us directly for more information on this.

Do you provide a battery conditioner?

We know every car has its own specific charging needs. Sometimes, your original battery conditioner will be your preferred option but if you don't have access to it, we can supply a CTEK CS One to connect to your car's battery.

Is my car insured whilst it's in your care?

We’d advise you to keep your car insured with your current provider at all times, but if you do require it to be insured, we can assist with this.

What type of cars can I store?

We're geared up to make homes for anything from vintage classics right up to modern hypercars.

Do you only store cars?

No. We can accommodate storing motorbikes, car parts and car spares too.